This website will soon be closing! Check back for a redirect link in January 2022. Thank you to all my followers! There are more snail projects to come.


It’s time to retire! It’s been a good run,

At the pace of a snail, creativity and fun.

Heartfelt gratitude, I wish each of you well;

Now the Snail Wrangler gently tucks into shell.


Mission statement:  The Snail Wrangler℠ promotes awareness about the importance of land snails in the ecosystem to general audiences. When snails are brought into the public eye through our educational talks, materials, and appearances of snails as beautiful animals in popular media and merchandise, they are appreciated and revered for their vital role to a healthy ecosystem.

Q: What does The Snail Wrangler℠ do?

A: Three things:

  • Educational, fun presentations about land snails for all ages
  • Educational, fun land snail merchandise
  • Live land snail management for film and photography

Q: What is a “wrangler”?

A: The wrangler is the person who trains and manages animals for film and photography. The Snail Wrangler℠ specializes in wrangling land snails. Snails are legally and responsibly collected, transported, and guided to perform in a way that only snails can. Absolutely no snails are harmed before, during, or after filming or photography shoots.